As I’m in-between redundancy and a new role elsewhere, I’ve spent this week doing some freelance PR work. Thought I’d list some of the things I’ve been up to:

      • Devising a tactical plan.
      • Devising and making message simple and clear.
      • Honing, managing and repeating message to clients with other ideas.
      • Engaging audience/stakeholders who were, at best ambivalent.
      • Failed to get sign-off on initial plan.
      • Plan revisited and agreed with stakeholders.
      • Had plans changed at last minute.
      • Managed late night weather crisis involving some crisis communication and practical action.
      • Spent another evening searching for stars with clients.
      • Food tasting sessions for forthcoming event.
      • Examination of new activities for future consideration.
      • Persuaded client that original plan was best if it’d had been allowed to be executed as set out in original plan.
      • Budget restructure followed by overspend elsewhere outside of my control.
      • Activities evaluated and lessons learned for next campaign.

My clients are aged three and five. Think I’ve concluded that PR isn’t much different from being a parent.